Sofa & Outdoor Cushions

Sofa & Outdoor Cushions

Made to order in our factory in Derbyshire UK.

Replacement Sofa Cushions

custom sofa cushions for outdoor furniture

Our replacement sofa cushion service allows you to totally rejuvenate your sofa. Utilising your existing sofa means that you can have what looks like a brand new sofa or armchair for a fraction of the price of a brand new sofa.

We can work with sofas, armchairs, dining chairs or pretty much anything which have removable cushions. We have a huge range of fabrics for your sofa cushion covers and can even match pictures or samples which you source.

So if you have a sofa or armchair which has seen better days, contact us for a free quotation.

We apply the same level of care and attention to detail to large bespoke furniture orders as we do to individual ones.

All Dunrich products are made to order in our factory in Derbyshire UK, Every piece of fabric through our facility is handled with care. We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and only choose the highest quality materials and fabrics ensuring you get the best possible service.

Why should I refurbish my existing sofa?

Life experience has taught us that a majority of new sofa purchases are not because the old one has fallen to pieces, but because the cushions and upholstery are warn or no longer in fashionable fabrics and colours.

As a business we try to reduce our environmental impact so it gives us great pleasure to help individuals restore old furniture. We help people to make their furniture like new again by just having new foam adding more fibre to their cushions (making it cheaper than all new fibre) instead of adding yet another settee, conservatory set or garden set to the landfill. Especially when their furniture fits their home just right already.

If you are thinking of changing your furniture for new. Please contact us first and send us a picture of your existing items to see if we can replace the cushions and covers for you.

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Replacement chair cushions and foams
Footstool / Pouffe with replacement fabric cover
Rattan Furniture Replacement Sofa Cushions

Replacement Sofa Foam & Fillings

Our sofa service can also include replacing the sofa foam or fillings. This means that even if your old sofa is uncomfortable and lumpy, new sofa foam will make it as good as, If not better than when it was new.

Our high quality sofa cushion inners offer a great balance between practicality and luxury. We can replace hollowfibre sofa cushions with foam or just refill them depending on your preference.

If your sofa needs new sofa foam, please contact us for advice. We may ask you to send us a photo of your sofa so we can see what we have to work with.

Replacement Sofa Cushion Covers

If your sofa simply needs a new look, we can replace tired sofa cushion covers. Our extensive range of cushion covers means that we have something for everyone. Including family friendly stain resistant covers, to luxurious material and patterns from Clarke and Clarke.

However, if you have something specific in mind, we can also use fabric which you supply. We are always available to advise you on this with our wealth of experience.

Before & After Sofa Pictures

We can work to refurbish a wide range of sofas, armchairs and other furniture. Take a look at the examples on this page.

Replacement fabric for armchair
Replacement chair cushions and foams
Replacement chair cushions and foams

Please contact us to discuss your project

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